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Our services include

Digital tools and information to support treatment of obesity

Edebot is our conversational algorithm for automated nutrition counselling. Edebot offers a digital customer experience with innovative automated weight-loss counselling 24/7, and is a scalable technology for better nutrition and directing patients and customers. Obesity is the main driver for type 2 diabetes and fighting the obesity epidemic requires both clinical excellence and scalable tools.

Education for health care professionals

Healthcare professionals working with overweight or obese patients often require extra training in dealing with these common – but sometimes sensitive – issues. Our experts offer a wide range of customized training courses for physicians, nurses, dietists and other healthcare professionals.

Our training courses for healthcare professionals can range from a single lecture to week-long courses. Topics include for example:

  • Preventing type 2 diabetes with weight-loss interventions
  • Digital tools to support treatment of obesity
  • Medication + Lifestyle intervention
  • Psychological factors preventing weight loss

Weight loss groups for healthcare and businesses

Weight loss groups or structured group interventions are proven to be one of the best ways for weight-loss. The best expertise on weight-loss combined with peer support offer a safe, long-term choice for reducing or maintaining weight.

Edevent has created a concept we call Kiloinen, a structured weight loss intervention group especially designed to be as easy as possible to take into use within any health care provider or business.

Our groups are always led by professional nutritionist with an insight in nutrition, diets, meal plans and motivation. A significant part of the Kiloinen-intervention is also the psychological aspect of weight-loss.

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