Holistic ways to treat obesity need expert solutions

The global obesity epidemic and individual’s variable eating habits demand new and courageous thinking about how to improve health holistically.

Nowadays we live in a obesogenic or obesity creating environment. We need cooperation with different sectors in order to find new solutions and innovations to control this obesogenic environment. With new thinking and solutions, we can bring help to the obesity epidemic.

You can get to know our expertise and our thoughts about well-being and the holistic way to treat obesity. We´ll be happy to tell you more, so feel free to contact us.

If you have any questions, you can also contact André Heikius.

Treating obesity from a new point of view

  • The factors behind obesity are often misunderstood. There is not only one reason why people get obese, so there should also be various ways to view the treatment of obesity.

Obesity can and should be treated

  • Losing weight can prevent or treat diseases that are caused by obesity, so obesity should be treated. There are different ways to treat obesity, so it is good to remember that obesity can be treated.

Obesity is not treated enough

  • We offer different ways to treat obesity.  An example of this is weight-loss groups that can be organised in companies or in health care.