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Professionals in weight loss and nutrition

Professionals in weight loss and nutrition can help you, your company and your clients make better choices regarding eating, lifestyle interventions and the treatment of obesity.

Edevent is a Finnish company specializing in making research-based nutrition and lifestyle expertise accessible to everybody. Our network of nutritionists, doctors, psychologists and other professionals in weight loss develop evidence-based concepts for the benefit of companies, health care organizations and consumers.

  • We want to make expertise in nutrition and weight-loss accessible to everybody.
  • We want to supply new tools for healthcare professionals, making their task of dealing with today´s obesity epidemic easier.
  • We want to change the way we talk about nutrition, weight-loss and obesity.

Read more about the story behind our company or our team of experts. You can also contact us directly with any questions you might have.

How our venture started

In 2015 I had an interesting job in a large health care company, helping hospitals, health care centres and public organizations find better solutions for providing health care. I had the opportunity to see how the health care sector works as a whole and what could be done better especially within primary care and public health.

At about the same time my co-funder to be, André Heikius, had started a weight loss clinic in Neo hospital (now part of Mehiläinen), gathering a team of experts in treatment of obesity and the psychological aspects of weight loss.

Observing the health care scene, seeing the problems and the costs, we decided there was a need for more action within preventive health care. We found it troubling that so many health problems can be reduced with the aid of better eating and preventive care, but these issues do not get the attention they need.

So we decided to start Edevent.

The name of the company comes from edere, Latin for eating and venture, a risky journey. And so we started our risky journey within food, lifestyle intervention and the treatment of obesity.

The focus of the company has changed somewhat since the start but our main goal has always been to provide tools for early intervention and making nutrition expertise easily accessible to a wider range of users.

We want to do what we can to ease the global burden of obesity. There is only so much one company can do, but we hope we can nudge knowledge, opinions and action at least a bit in the right direction.

Fia Saaristo

Co-founder and Managing Director of Edevent

edevent our company

Weight loss experts at your service

Weight loss experts can be hard to find. We at Edevent want to provide you with the best possible, research-based expertise in nutrition, weight loss and the treatment of obesity.

Our team consists of acclaimed clinical experts in medicine, nutrition, psychology and augmented/virtual reality and other exponential technologies. We help your patients and customers manage their weight and make better lifestyle choices. 

Chairman & Medical Director

+358 40 487 7717

We also have a vast network of nutritionists and other clinical experts. Please contact Fia Saaristo for more information. If you have any questions feel free to contact us directly or with contact form.

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